The Value of Christmas Trees

"...there is no reason why the joy associated with the Christmas evergreen may not be a means of arousing in the minds of children an appreciation of the beauty and usefulness of trees; and keen appreciation of the beauty and usefulness of trees is a long stop toward the will to plant and care for them (Arthur Sowder, US Forest Service, 1949)."

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Spider Mites

Bryan Davis was telling me that he's seeing several fields where spider mites are becoming a problem. One of the fields we had scouted thoroughly in April without finding any mites. I've also seen some spider mite activity in a couple of fields. Though it's been wet and humid, it's also been rather warm (understatement, yes I know!) which makes mites more active. So if you haven't had a chance, now would be a good time to look for spider mites before the shearing season swings into gear and they end up causing damage.

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