The Value of Christmas Trees

"...there is no reason why the joy associated with the Christmas evergreen may not be a means of arousing in the minds of children an appreciation of the beauty and usefulness of trees; and keen appreciation of the beauty and usefulness of trees is a long stop toward the will to plant and care for them (Arthur Sowder, US Forest Service, 1949)."

Friday, April 16, 2010

Twig Aphids Reproducing

Just wanted to let everyone know that I examined some shoots under the microscope today and found evidence that the twig aphids have matured enough to being reproducing. Remember that the form that hatches from the egg is called the stem mother. At maturity she lays live young. That is taking place now.

With this warm dry spring, twig aphids are surviving well and maturing quickly. There is a potential for damaging numbers to build up quickly now.

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